Old Fashioned Education

Old Fashioned Education

This site is for all homeschoolers wanting to use the OFE curriculum.  The sources were originally compiled by Miss Maggie of the Old Fashioned Education website.  The site is now offline, but those of us who use this curriculum have been left without all of our resources.  I have compiled as much as possible and added them to this site.  Of course, full credit goes to Miss Maggie who worked so hard to put this together in the first place.  I am in hopes that this site will fill the void left by the old OFE's closing.

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

Each page of the original OFE site is under the tabs at the top of the page.  I had to put them under tabs (organized the best I could) because I am only allowed a small number of pages free of charge.  To print or save this list, click on link above.


Anthologies and Biographies




~Arithmetic and Mathematics

Art, Music, Bible, Etiquette

~Character, Morals and Etiquette


~Folk Songs and Hymns



~Bible Studies and Religion

Canada and Virginia

~Canadian Interest

~Canadian Teacher’s Manuals


Classic Literature

~Classic Literature

~Fables, Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

~Shakespeare and Plutarch



For Boys

~Fiction for Boys

For Girls

~Fiction for Girls

~Women’s Studies

Geography, Social Studies

~Greece and Rome

~Geography and Social Studies

Government and Economics

~Civics, Politics and Government



~American History

~Historical Documents

~Historical Fiction

~World History

Language Arts

~Spelling and Grammar

~Reading Basics


~Drama and Public Speaking

~Foreign Languages, Greek and Latin



~Health and Hygiene


~Home Economics

~Recreation and Activities

Parent Helps

~Helps For Mom and Dad

~Reference Books

~Provident Living and Emergency Preparedness

~Document Management and Printing Helps


~Science and Nature

~Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Ghost Stories

~Medicine and Nursing